How to use Q-Integra HelpDesk system:
  • How to access Q-Integra HelpDesk:
  • Access is subjected to a valid contract - which entitles you to use Helpdesk services using your login and password, which you obtain upon conclusion of the contract.
  • Creating a new request:
  • To create a new request you need to select New request tab, fill in necessary data and submit then by selecting Send request button.
  • Creating a new comment and evaluation:
  • To create a new comment or evaluation you need to select Show requests tab, select a document for which you want to create a comment or evaluate solution. After opening the document select Create comment / Appraisal and a new dialog box will appear. Fill in necessary data and submit them by selecting Send button.
  • Displaying created requests:
  • In case, you are a primary contact person and select Show requests tab, you will be able to see all the requests created by you company (in other case, i.e. your access rights are at the level of contact person, you will only be able to see the requests created by you). Displayed output can be further edited using filter, located on the left side of the site. To access detailed information about the request click on its title.
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